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Japanese Cherry

   Japanese Cherry, Sakura (Prunus serrulata), fam. Rosaceae.
   Double-flowered form of cherry with pink blossom. Since the flowers exhaust themselves with formation of abundant petals, they usually cannot produce fruits. And even if these fruits form, most often they are inedible. In DVRZ suburb, Japanese cherries are occasionally grown as shrubs, but in other Kyiv districts (for example, near Lisova metro station) there are whole alleys of Japanese cherry trees.
   It is known that in Japan, its motherland, people observe the blooming of these plants as a festival. So, all around the world mentioning Japanese cherry has some symbolical implication. In Ukraine, we have plenty of other plants (common cherries, apricots, cherry plums, apple trees), the ornamental qualities of which in spring are not inferior to their fruit edibility in summer and autumn

Japanese Cherry Japanese Cherry Japanese Cherry