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Silver Chickweed (Cerastium argenteum)

   Silver Chickweed; Snow-in-Summer (Cerastium argenteum), fam. Caryophyllaceae.
   An ornamental species, differing from other varieties of Mouse-ear (Chickweed) by relatively large flowers (about 1 cm) and tomentous leaves, making the plant looking hoary. If the pubescence is particularly dense – this may be another species, Cerastium tomentosum or Cerastium biebersteinii, an inhabitant of Crimean mountains. All these species are perennial, forming dense clusters of shoots about 20 cm height and 60 cm in diameter of the bush. Blooming starts in May and lasts about 30-35 days. The plant loves sunny and relatively dry places. It is propagated vegetatively (by rhizomes division) and from seeds.

Silver Chickweed (Cerastium argenteum) Silver Chickweed (Cerastium argenteum) Silver Chickweed (Cerastium argenteum)