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Alison (Alyssum)

   Alison (Alyssum), fam. Brassicaceae.
   A perennial low-height herb, grows in the forest on the dunes, under the pines – often in the places that other herbs cannot tolerate. Cultivated relatives (often called Alyssum, or Lobularia) may be grown as ornamental borders. But remember that this plant will not appreciate moist and fertile soil, preferring the sand much more.
   The Alison shoots with radish-like taste can be added into salads. By the way, though its Russian/Ukrainian name sounds like "little beet", it actually has no relation to beets. Alison has diuretic, laxative and analgetic effect, but the modern medicine does not use it often. In the past, it was considered a treat against rabies or lyssa (this is how its latin name is interpreted). However, now we know that such self-treatment options may be not only useless, but indeed very dangerous.

Alison (Alyssum) Alison (Alyssum) Alison (Alyssum) Alison (Alyssum) Alison (Alyssum)