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White Campion (Melandrium album)

   White Campion (Melandrium album), fam. Caryophyllaceae.
   Sometimes this plant is related to Silene or Lychnis genus. It grows in the forest, starting a few steps from the residential area.
   The Russian/Ukrainian name can be explained with twi reasons. Firstly, its flowers do not like sun and heat, so they are "sleepy" during the whole day, and open only in the evening or in cloudy weather. Secondly, one of its traditional uses is sleep-inducing and sedative. All that somewhat reminds of the features of Pasqueflower, though that "sleeps", conversely, in the night or when rainy.
   Other medicinal properties of white campion are analgetic, antiinflammatory and blood-stopping. However, its overall composition is poorly studied; it is known for saponins content, which is not very safe. Young plants can serve as fodder for cattle.

White Campion  (Melandrium album) White Campion (Melandrium album)