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Chilean Avens (Geum quellyon)

   Chilean Avens (Geum quellyon), fam. Rosaceae.
   Quite big red flowers of this avens species can be met in the garden beds starting from late spring. It is not so easy to guess their close relation to our wild cousins – Wood and Water Avens, since the flowers are rather alike those of double poppy or buttercup. But the shape of the leaves instantly reveals their essence – everyone who wandered in our early-spring forest, saw lots of similar young pinnate leaves.
   If you plant Chilean Avens seeds, the blooming should not be expected until the next year – only the shoots from wintered rhizomes of this perennial plant can bring flowers. In summer you should water the plant abundantly – remember that Water Avens inhabits the swamps.
   As well as the wild relatives, Chilean Avens root has spicy cloves aroma, and possesses several medicinal properties – astringent, antiinflammatory, and tonic.

Chilean Avens (Geum quellyon) Chilean Avens (Geum quellyon) Chilean Avens (Geum quellyon) Chilean Avens (Geum quellyon)