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Liverwort (Hepatica nobilis)

   Liverwort (Hepatica nobilis), fam. Ranunculaceae.
   Found in the garden bed, where its tender blue flowers, having usually seven petals (which is quite rare, since most plants have 5, or sometimes 3, 4, or 6) which appear in early spring. After the end of blooming, liverwort becomes not so easy to recognize, unless you know the peculiar three-lobe shape of its leaves.
   Despite the numerous "recipes", it is hardly possible to heal liver with this plant. Moreover, it is highly probable to harm yourself with it. The name of the plant is actually only linked to the shape of its leaves. All plants of the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) are toxic, and require special care. However, liverwort may be an excellent decorative plant for a forest or a garden. But do not try to pick it. Its delicate flowers fade quite soon, and the plant is so rare that many European countries have included it into the Endangered Species Lists.

Liverwort (Hepatica nobilis) Liverwort (Hepatica nobilis) Liverwort (Hepatica nobilis) Liverwort (Hepatica nobilis)