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Pocketbook plant (Calceolaria herbeohybrida)

   Pocketbook plant (Calceolaria herbeohybrida), fam. Scrophulariaceae.
   Grown rarely in the garden beds. Blooms in May. This plant is not actually suitable for indoor growing, because it needs low temperatures (+12…+15°C) for normal life. It is propagated from seeds, which are very tiny.
   The name of the genus originates from the latin calceolatus (little shoe) given for the shape of its peculiar two-leap flower. These flower also remind Foxglove; moreover, they often also have speckle coloration.
   All the parts of the plant are poisonous.

Pocketbook plant (Calceolaria herbeohybrida) Pocketbook plant (Calceolaria herbeohybrida)