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Bog Arum (Calla palustris)

   Bog Arum (Calla palustris), fam. Araceae.
   It was a great fortune to meet a group of plants in a dense waterlogged area of our forest (see map). This could happen only thanks to an unusually dry and warm weather of the first months of the year 2014. It is obvious that the appearance of bog arum leaves from the waterlogged soil is simultaneous to falling of the bird cherry petals, from the small trees growing in abundance in the same area. Unfortunately, it was not possible to see the bog arum plants again, because in summer the vicinities are densely overgrown with stinging nettles of half-meter height, full of mosquito clouds…
   To compare, a second photo presents the flowers of cultivated calla, also known as Zantedeschia. It is clear that they have gone through the selection for increasing size, quantity and time of flowering, whereas the wild plants could bloom much more modest. It is quite rare to see the flowers "with one petal" – and even in this case, this is merely a so-called spathe (bract, a modified leaf). Even its shape is similar to heart-convoluted common green leaves; moreover, it is capable of becoming green, too, while the fruits ripen. Inside of the spathe, there is a spadix (cob) inflorescence, composed of many small, yellowish real flowers.
   All the parts of the plant are poisonous.

Bog Arum (Calla palustris) Bog Arum (Calla palustris)