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   Hibiscus, Rose Mallow, fam. Malvaceae.
   Quite widespread in the southern parts of Ukraine (the species Hibiscus syriacus, Hibiscus trionum), but in Kyiv it suffers from frosts and so it is rather rare. Some of the species, like Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (China Rose), are planted indoors and in glasshouses. If such a plant is naughty and does not bloom for many years – most probably, it needs a sunnier place, however cool in winter (the temperature about +12…+15°C).
   The petals of other species (Roselle, Hibiscus sabdariffa) are also known as a component of the red Carcade tea. Young shoots, leaves and unripe fruits are also edible raw and cooked; the same applies for the petals left after tea brewing. All the parts of the plant contain various proportions of vitamins, acids, mucous substances, flavonoids, proteins and sugars. All this explains the medicinal properties of Hibiscus for digestive tract, liver, wound healing, and arterial pressure normalizing.

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