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Bluegrass (Poa)

   Bluegrass, Meadow-grass (Poa), fam. Poaceae.
   Bulbous Bluegrass or Meadow-grass (Poa crispa or P. bulbosa) is peculiar in that its spikes blooming in early spring, instead of developing the seeds, form young plants-bulbils asexually, like the indoor kalanchoe. It grows along the roads, where there is still enough water in spring, and there are no competiting plants, shading the sun.

Bulbous Bluegrass (Poa crispa) Bulbous Bluegrass (Poa crispa)

   Other Bluegrass species are not so easy to identify, since there are several hundreds of them. Most of them have long narrow leaves and inconspicuous panicle inflorescences – a "grassy grass". Not by chance the Grain family has its name Poaceae (i.e. the Bluegrass family) – so typical is the appearance of these grasses. Some Bluegrass species are very hygrophilous, prefer river and lake sides.

Bluegrass (Poa) Bluegrass (Poa) Bluegrass (Poa) Bluegrass (Poa)