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   Magnolia, fam. Magnoliaceae.
   Many of us know that not all magnolias require subtropical climate (like southern Magnolia grandiflora), and that both botanical gardens of Kyiv have collections of their cold-resistant species (Magnolia kobus, soulangeana, stellata, tripetala, etc.). Most of them blooms in spring, before their leaves grow. The flowers usually have strong smell, sometimes even too strong – so that it is not safe to stay in a closed room with them. The fruits of magnolias are arranged in cone-like composites, which reveal bright (typically red) seeds when they are ripe and open. The magnolia extracts lower arterial blood pressure, suppress bacterial growth, but also have various counterindications.

Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia

   However, it was amazing to find out that some magnolias also grow in our DVRZ suburb, in one private house yard in Senomanska str. They bloom in July-August with pink flowers. Unfortunately, it was not possible to come close to them, nor to identify their species.

Magnolia Magnolia