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Alfalfa (Medicago)

   Alfalfa (Medicago), fam. Fabaceae.
   Grows as a weed in the city (probably, its seeds have been brought from somewhere with soil), but does not occur in the forest.
   Alfalfa is a valuable fodder plant. Its young shoots contain substances that lower blood cholseterol, pressure and glucose. Alfalfa sprouts are also often recommended: to prevent anemia, cancers, atherosclerosis, for bone strength, againts diabetes, burnout, arthritis, allergies, liver, kidney, spleen and eye diseases. However, this remedy is not completely safe, as it can cause undesirable immune reactions or digestive disorders, especially if consumed regularly in large quantities. Like most sprouts, this is a potent remedy. As for the mature alfalfa plants, it is also not very easy to find those which are not contaminated with some chemicals or automobile exhaust.
   An additional benefit of alfalfa for any ecosystem is its efficient symbiosis with bacteria that allows this plant to have high protein content and provides nitrogen enrichment for surrounding soil.

Alfalfa (Medicago) Alfalfa (Medicago) Alfalfa (Medicago) Alfalfa (Medicago) Alfalfa (Medicago) Alfalfa (Medicago) Alfalfa (Medicago)