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Spider flower (Tarenaya hassleriana)

   Spider flower (Tarenaya hassleriana), fam. Capparaceae.
   Another latin name is also in use – Cleome spinosa.
   Spider flower is grown in some garden beds of the city. This is an annual, but quite mighty plant, which cannot be confused with anything else – palmate leaves with 7 leaflets, pink (from white to red) flowers with far protruding stamens, and somewhat pungent but still pleasant smell. It blooms in July-August. These outstretched leaves and inflorescences gave the name Spider flower to the plant. It has been introduced from South America, so it likes sunlight and warmth. It is desirable to start growing seedlings in March, and to plant them outdoors in May, this allows to extend the blooming period.

Spider flower (Tarenaya hassleriana) Spider flower (Tarenaya hassleriana) Spider flower (Tarenaya hassleriana)