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Thyme (Thymus)

   Thyme (Thymus), fam. Lamiaceae.
   Low spreading shrub, grows in the forest in dry sunny places. The flowers smell only slightly; the aroma becomes substantial if the plant is ground.
   Antiseptic, bactericidal, sudorific remedy; also has sedative, analgetic, wound-healing, anticonvulsant, diuretic properties; it is a component of some mixtures against cough. This plant is not only a medicine, but also a known spice, and may be used to prepare tasty tea.
   However, thyme is not beneficial for people with hypothyroidism, and increased stomach acidity, including ulcer disease. The position of doctors regarding its effect on hypertension is controversial – some consider it useful, others think it to be undesirable, especially for long use. A single overdose can also cause nausea and vertigo.

Thyme (Thymus) Thyme (Thymus) Thyme (Thymus) Thyme (Thymus)